Installation Details

  1. Open the Wizar app from your Jumpseller dashboard. Screenshot of step 1
  2. Request a 3D model for your products and we’ll create it for you. Or upload your own 3D model if you have one. Screenshot of step 2
  3. Our designers use the images and specifications to design a real life 3D model for your product. Review the model and when you are satisfied, activate it. Screenshot of step 3
  4. Wizar automatically adds a button to view your product in Augmented Reality Screenshot of step 3

Note: Customization options

By default: Wizar adds a ‘View in AR’ button on top-right of the image gallery (as shown in the image above). Clicking this buttons lets your users view the product in Augmented Reality.
  • If you want to customize ‘View in AR’ button, just add a button or link with the class wizar-ar-button in your product page
  • If you want the ‘View in AR’ button to show up in a specific container in the product page, just add an element with ID, wizar-ar-viewer